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Recipes Involving Sauteing

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Q: Does anyone have any or know of any healthy, tasty recipes for sauteing vegetables?
I’d much prefer a recipe that does not include oil, but maybe PAM instead.

A: first, have a really good non-stick pan. Then you can use PAM and just a little bit of olive oil if you need it. Yes broth works if you are cooking root vegetables just try to cook the liquid down instead of throwing it out because the flavor will go with it. My favorite veggie saute starts with sliced onions, peppers(all colors), and summer squash, and garlic. The nice part of using a little bit of oil is being able to caramelize the veggies and it gives them a little sweetness. If you want italian add tomatoes, oregano and basil (salt to taste). If you want asian add ginger, soy sauce celery and bean sprouts.

Another great sauteed vegetable is brussel sprouts…I know it sounds awful, but clean them cut them in half then saute with garlic salt and pepper until they get a little brown (not too quickly or they are just burnt) they are great, and there is no smell like when you boil or steam them

Q: Can I use cooked frozen shrimp in bbq or saute recipes?
We bought too much shrimp for our Christmas party and have a full extra bag of cooked frozen shrimp. Can I use them in a pasta recipe that calls for them to be sauteed? Or perhaps skewer them for a barbeque? Or will they turn to mush if I try to use them this way?

A: shrimp is one of those foods that if cooked just a little to long it becomes rubbery.which presents a problem when reheating cooked shrimp..actually freezing the cooked shrimp also changes the texture.You can use them in hot dishes but,The precooked shrimp sold in stores is more suited for using in a cocktail. or in cold salads…

Q: Can you give me some recipes for sauteed chicken?
I just want some simple seasoning recipes or ideas for sauteed chicken breasts on top of the stove. Thanks!

A: Add a small amount of dried oregano and ground pepper to grated parmesan cheese, and stir well.

Dip chicken breasts in beaten egg, then in parmesan mixture. Saute in a pan with olive oil. Fantastically good, and very easy.

Q: What are some great sautee recipes for shrimp?
i dont like spicy stuff.

A: Any citrus-flavor helps “enhance” an Asian-twist to shrimp.

Recipe: Devine the fresh shrimp
Add to a preheated / coated (use Ginger oil! – it adds flavor as well as being healthy) pan.

Lightly braise the shrimp in the pan.

Add enough citrus juice (the more “tangy” the better – but avoid Lemon juice) to this pan.

Add fresh / chopped vegetables (aim for lots of GREEN (colors) because Greens contain more vitamins: Broccoli, peas, etc.

If you prefer a SWEETER flavor, add (your preference on amt.) Sweet / Sour sauce as a topping sauce.

Serve on a bed of steamed rice or cooked Ramen noodles.

Q: Does anyone know where to get recipes Chinese food?
I love Chinese food especially buffet food. Can anyone tell me where to get recipes of Sauteed string beans, sauteed mushroom, orange chicken and many other…. :)

THank you

A: I bought the book “Chinese Home Cooking” by Helen Chen. It’s a great book and all the recipes are adapted for home preparation. You can find the book at Borders bookstore.

Q: Any recipes for sauted mushrooms, easy with simple ingredients, but tasty?
I had a thought to experiment by tossing prepacked sliced mushrooms with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and sauteing in pan. any other recipes would be great.

A: Toss mushrooms with olive oil, a splash of balsamic vinegar and your favourite steak seasoning..I use Montreal steak spice. add a little butter to your pan and saute..Sherry N

Q: Can anyone give me easy, good recipes?
I’m not very experienced when it comes to cooking in the kitchen, but I really need to learn because I’m really sick of eating microwaved food. If my parents won’t cook, I will.

So, if you can leave me some recipes down below, it’d be a huge help. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get into cooking while I am learning. Thanks a ton!

(Oh, and nothing with fish, grilling, or sauteing. Thanx!)
Yes, I can use a crockpot and oven.

A: Easy Chicken Taco Pie


Lemon Basil Chicken Pasta Salad


Four Cheese Pasta


Q: I need simple recipes for grilled or sauteed shrimp???
Im a beginner in cooking. I have a thing for shrimp so i need simple shrimp recipes, im thinking of using frozen shrimp. I don’t think they are jumbo. Anyway please no complicated time consuming recipes. Remember I’m only a BEGINNER!!! I ‘ve already looked on foodnetwork and i didin’t find anything that caught my eye. And also I’m not 2 interested in foreign recipes. I know its alot of demands BUT if u could please help me it would be greatly appreciated. THANX!!!

A: the easiest way is to grill, just skewer them, and throw them on the grill for a couple minutes, flip and then a couple minutes more and your done. if you want you can marinade them in whatever falvoring you like

Q: does anyone know a good recipe for sauteing fresh saltwater crabs that have been split &cleaned ?

A: I dont have one but why dont you try this?? Its just as good:)

Recipe Ingredients:
12 lg Male blue crabs *
5 Fresh serrano chiles, thinly
1 bn Green onions, chopped
3 Inch piece fresh ginger ***
3 tb Sugar
3 tb Kosher salt
3 tb Hot pepper flakes
4 tb Minced garlic
3 Stalks lemongrass **
6 tb Olive oil
6 tb Butter
Vegetable oil for frying
2 c Seasoned all-purpose flour

Recipe Instructions:
* Crabs should be cleaned, halved
** Discard tops and chop bulbs fine.
Instructions: Dredge the crabs in the seasoned flour.
In a large skillet heat oil to a depth of 1/2 inch.
Add the top shells and fry over fairly high heat, turning, until crispy on both sides.
Remove to paper towels to drain.
Discard the cooking oil.
Return the pan to medium heat and add the butter and olive oil.
when the butter melts, add the lemongrass, garlic and pepper flakes and saute for about 30 seconds.
Add the crab halves and sprinkle with the salt and sugar.
Stir well.
Add the ginger, green onions and serrano chiles.
Cook, stirring often for 3 to 4 minutes.
Place the crab tops, hollow side up, on a platter.
Tuck the crab pieces in the shells.
Pour all of the pan juices over the stuffed shells.
Serve at once, with steamed jasmine rice and plenty of napkins for messy hands.

Fried Chili Crabs Recipe
Ingredients : Serves 4


1/2 cup

2 teaspoons

3 cloves


1/4 cup

1/4 cup

1 tablespoon

1 tablespoon

1 teaspoon
Medium size raw crabs

Peanut oil

Finely grated fresh ginger

Garlic, finely chopped

Fresh red chilies, seeded and chopped

Tomato sauce

Chili sauce


Light soy sauce


Method :
Wash the crabs well, scrubbing away any mossy patches on the shell.

Remove hard top shell, stomach bag and fibrous tissue and with a cleaver chop each crab into 4 pieces or 6 pieces if they are large.

Heat a wok, add oil and when oil is very hot, fry the crab pieces until they change color, turning them so they cook on all sides.

Remove to a plate.

Turn heat to low and fry the ginger, garlic and red chilies, stirring constantly, until they are cooked but not brown.

Add the sauces, sugar, soy sauce and salt, bring to the boil, then return crabs to the wok and allow to simmer in the sauce for 3 minutes, adding very little water if sauce reduces too much.

Serve with white rice while hot.

just dont use the shells…

Q: When sauteing chicken in either a stew or stir fry recipe, how can you judge if the chicken is cooked through?
I’m afraid that I am overcooking my chicken. Obviously the chicken needs to change from pink to white to be considered “done”, but I’ve found that the chicken is not always entirely cooked through- to compensate for this problem I usually cut the chicken piece by piece while its still in the pan to determine if it is indeed cooked, however I know that such action is unnecessary and overly time consuming.

A: You should always cut it first and precook it almost.
Remove from the pan and prepare the other ingredients.
Check the chicken and return to the pan.
From time as you continue to cook use a pair of food tongs to gently squeeze an when it oozes clear juices it is ready.

Q: What are some cheap and healthy cuts of beef and pork? Please also suggest yummy, easy recipes for them.?
Hi! I am seeking lean, economic cuts of beef and pork I can either broil, bake or sautée for dinner and tasty, relatively easy, pocket-book friendly recipes for them. I actually like marinating, I just don’t want to spend hours waiting for something to be cooked. My husband is trying to lose some weight, so healthy recipes are required. Thanks in advance.

A: There are a few cuts of beef that I prefer to buy, even when they aren’t on sale (or cheap):

Chuck roast. Brown each side well in a tiny bit of oil in a 5qt pot, then just barely cover with water, add 1/2 onion (you can leave it whole), and a clove of garlic, peeled. Pour in a TBSP of salt, and a little black pepper, cover, and simmer over low heat for about 2 hours, turning once halfway through cooking. (If you like pot roast, during the last half hour of cooking, you can add some cleaned carrots and potatoes and maybe a chopped tomato or fresh green beans to the pot.)Leave covered, and let cool completely. Shred the meat to use in burritos.

Brisket….brown well on both sides, then put in a large baking pan, pour in hot water or beef stock halfway up the side of the meat, add onion and garlic and salt and pepper, then bake in the oven for 3 hours, covered tightly, turning once after 1.5 hours. Slice and eat. I use the leftover sliced meat for sandwiches with barbecue sauce, au jus, or with typical hoagie condiments. The meat has great flavor, and it’ll be eaten up fast…even if you make a lot.

We also buy pork loin (NOT tenderloin) when it goes on sale. You can get a huge 10 pound loin for less than $2 per pound. I cut it into 3# roasts, then freeze them.

The beef brisket is the same way. We just bought 15 pounds of brisket at $1.35 per pound. We cut it into 5# slabs.

Chuck roast is often under $2 per pound, but is usually on sale for about $2.50/lb. Arm roast can be cooked the same way and shredded. The shreds are finer, but tougher.

We love to make ham taquitos, so we also buy whole smoked hams when they go on sale for under $1.50 per pound.

I know you didn’t mention lamb, but we also buy entire legs of lamb in the spring when they are discounted, at under $5.50 per pound. I have never seen it cheaper than that. (I make lamb curry and freeze it…it is my favorite dish, and lamb is a luxury at our house….we also grind part of it to make homemade gyro meat.

Of course, buy ground beef whenever it is on sale. We are able to get 93% lean for under $1.50 per pound on a regular basis. You can make meatloaf, burgers, salisbury steaks, spaghetti sauce.

Q: Does anyone have any good tilapia recipes?
My mom bought me a LOT of individually frozen tilapia, and I’d like to start experimenting with it a little. So far, I’ve only grilled it and sauteed it with parmesan cheese. Fish is a new ingredient for me, so I’d like to get some tasty, easy recipes to try out. Thanks!

A: http://ag.arizona.edu/azaqua/ista/recipes.htm
try these

Q: Substituting broiling with baking/sauteing?
Is it okay to substitute broiling with baking or sauteing if the recipe calls for broiling? My broiler is caked with dust and other horrible black stuff from years of not using it. If I were to go about baking/sauteing instead, how would I substitute, as in how many minutes for every broiling minute, how much heat, etc. etc.?
I’m cooking salmon :) . The instructions called for 10 minutes of broiling (5 minutes on each side).

A: It depends on what you’re making. more info?

Q: Chipotle restaurant: fajita veggies and black bean recipes?
I am trying to re-create a Chiptole fajita veggie burrito at home. I have recipes for the cilantro-lime rice and roasted corn salsa. Since everything in the burrito is combined, it is hard to tell if the sauteed veggies and black beans have any sort of seasoning, or are prepared in any certain way. If anyone works at Chipotle and can let me know, that would be great. Also, how do they get their tortillas so stretchy?

A: Not sure you can make the tortillas on your own.

I would check their website and see if they have any ingredient descriptions to help you out more with the veggies.

Good luck.

Q: I need a Simple Garlic Powder Recipes for pasta?
I need a Garlic Powder Recipe that is fast, easy, and uses little ingredients. For example, I looked up some recipes and like they said add olive oil with chopped cloves of garlic and saute them. After that add it to pasta with salt and pepper! But I don’t have cloves of garlic but I have garlic powder. So can I still use garlic powder! Plus any suggestions! Thanks!

A: Fresh garlic is preferred because it has a stronger flavor and is aromatic.

In your case, if you just garlic powder fresh garlic network can adapt to the powder.

Here’s how I prepare meals when I ustuoiul fresh:

1. in a bowl put one tablespoon of olive oil, pepper, salt, oregano (or other spices you prefer);
2. add about a teaspoon of garlic powder
3. then mix these with a spoon until ingredimente is a smooth paste;
4. Add more if needed and other spices according to taste.

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